Link: guide that shows how to get started with 360 video in Unity


Setting the up the Unity video player for using external (outside Unity) video files.

This part is explicitly for usage when wanting to run a 360 Unity project on a Oculus standalone headset, like the Quest or Go. The files will still be on the Oculus headset, just not be included in the Unity project. 

Why do we need to work with external video files

  • Since Unity needs to install the project on the mask every time you wish to test the app inside the mask, there is a lot of installation time to save by not having to upload large video files every time.
  • Besides the time consumption issue, Unity sometimes crashes when building and installing with large video files.
  • Gives the flexibility of replacing the video files only using the Android File Transfer tool (OS X). Hence no need for a computer with the full Unity development setup just to update/change video files, as long as the file name and local path is the same.