Interested in borrowing the lab?
This page is a thorough description of the process of borrowing the lab for events, workshops, presentations etc.

Getting started
Request to borrow the lab for an event, by sending us an email at, including a short description of the event. Swing by during opening hours, to hear more about the possibilities offered by the space.

Who can borrow the lab?
Anyone can request to borrow the lab. We handle each request individually, and prioritize those that fit our research- or study profile, and utilize the unique opportunities offered by the lab.

Available hours
Check the AIRLab calendar, to see whether the lab is available during the timeslot you want to book the lab. The calendar can be accessed at:

Booking the lab
Estimate the full time required to set up before, and clean up after your event. Include this, when selecting the amount of time you wish to book the lab.

Cleaning the lab
Part of hosting an event in the lab is cleaning up. Remove whatever materials you brought in, put back the chairs and tables and leave the lab as neat as you found it. Coordinate with the Lab Manager beforehand, if you wish to leave things for later pickup.

Documentation allows us to see and display how the lab is being used. After you’ve borrowed the lab, please fill in the project documentation form, found on:

Additional information
Keep in mind that we offer a unique space with capabilities beyond that of regular conference rooms! We’re equipped to host workshops, presentations, making-related activities and more. Navigating the space requires a bit of preparation, which we’ll guide you through 🙂

Depending on the type of event we might post about in on our own website.

See you in the lab!