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Breathing Commons Workshop

  Our research group hosted a great workshop on the topic of "Breathing Commons" on Friday 6th of November at the AIR Lab. We did individual and collective breathing Exercises, which was a challenging and discursive activity to pursue during Covid pandemic times. However, this helped us to reflect on the importance of breathing and the changing perception of what breathing means these days. We collected and documented first-person experiences of breathing using Body Maps, followed by sharing those with one another. We also listened to pre-recorded (individual) breathings collectively, and we reflected on and discussed how the breaths sound - and…

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EVENT: infrastructures for un/recommoning How can we explore infrastructures for un/recommoning that engage us affectively, prompt us to reassess value systems and allow us to come together differently (on the level of divergent collective bodies (ourselves, communities, environments)) through processes of attunement facilitated by a number of techniques and technologies? Minor Movements; Infrastructures for un/recommoning was carried out as part of the Immediations project in Collaboration with Kasper Levin (affiliation) and Birgit Bundesen (Psychiatric Center Amager). More than 30 national and international people participated in the 2-day workshop event, and AIR LAB hosted the activities on the 2nd day. The participants populated the lab, atrium…

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AIR Lab Workshop Series #1: Interactive Projections

In the 2019 fall semester, AIR LAB hosted a workshop about creating interactive spaces with projections. For the workshop we made use of the Processing IDE and the lab’s ceiling-mounted, floor-facing Microsoft Kinect body tracker and Projector setup. After an introduction to the hardware, participants were provided with example code, that could later be used as templates to build upon, to create one’s own interactive experience. At the end of the workshop, participants presenter their interactive projections/experiences, using one’s own body tracking as a sensor input. For instance, one participant made a game where the user had to dodge a ball moving about in the…

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AIR lab launch

The 1st of March we launched the AIR Lab with an opening event. The event was mainly an internal event for ITU staff and students. Here we showcased a series of research and student projects, and explained the framing of the lab, how it will run, and what our focus areas are in relation to research, study activities and external collaborations. Thanks to everyone for showing up and making this an amazing start of the AIR Lab.

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