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Category: student project


  FlightFun is an affective design concept created to help individuals with flight phobia to better deal with their fear and irrational thoughts. When most people think of flying, they think of travelling, exciting experiences and a load of other positives. Other people find it terrifying and find themselves wrestling with their phobia, unable to relax and enjoy the flight. FlightFun is an affective design concept created to help individuals with flight phobia to better deal with their fear and irrational thoughts, it takes place in a group therapy setting, allowing one therapist to work with multiple clients at once. One user experiences a Virtual…

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Drawing Music

An exploration in affective art Drawing Music is an investigation in how music affects people. The project is connecting analog drawings with digitally manipulated music, and raises the question... How does my drawing affect the music, and how does the music affect my drawing?   The project was exploring sound and its influential qualities. It aimed at creating a synesthetic experience between drawing and music connecting the hearing and the kinetic sense. The installation merges digital and analog medias to create a rich and natural interaction.   The concept Drawing Music is exploring how the energy, the mood and the tempo of a piece of…

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The Living Tree

The Living Tree is an interactive sound installation where surface transducers are deployed in a real-life setting to design an immersive and affectively engaging interaction exploring the life of trees. The surface transducer technology emits vibrations through whatever material you press it against, turning the material into a speaker. When you touch and place your ear onto the trunk of the tree, you hear sounds of water running through the wooden veins combined with a heavy pulse and breathing that make the tree come alive sonically. Using Kinect sensors, we give people the ability to interact with the tree by moving around and climbing on it, causing…

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The sensuousness of the digital representation

This project explored how the implementation of an aural dimension in the architectural virtual reality model can improve the experience of spatiality and visual tactility during the creative process. The aim was to prove that it is possible to heighten the sense of presence in the architectural model in virtual reality by implementing an aural dimension to the otherwise solely visual environment. VR sensing model The exploration has been directed by the question of how the combination of senses – listening and seeing – affect the solely visual impression. This project shows how the multisensuous stimuli creates an experience of the room that is closer…

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Diary of Niels

Diary of Niels is an interactive museum exhibition piece. The diary is a medium through which the fictional house ghost Niels communicates with museum guests and shares memories of the life on Greve Farm in the 1800s.     Greve Museum consists of various exhibitions about life in the city of Greve through history. One of their permanent exhibitions is that of the farm house, an authentic old farm.   The research objective was first of all to uncover whether the consequences of the museological paradigm shift was even at play in Danish museums, and if so, how to possibly design for it. Prototype video…

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The LEDcube is an interactive art installation that is designed using quantification of movement types through an analysis of five field studies in Copenhagen. Field study areas: Søpavillonen, Ofelia Plads, Højbro Plads, ITU, Fælledparken. It is argued that LEDcube can stimulate movement in the visitor to some degree based on the theories and models involved in its making. The movement types are divided into categories to describe the way in which active and passive visitors interact with LEDcube. A Bachelor project by: Daniel Brandt-Olsen, Max Madsen & Jakob Løfstedt.

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