EVENT: infrastructures for un/recommoning

How can we explore infrastructures for un/recommoning that engage us affectively, prompt us to reassess value systems and allow us to come together differently (on the level of divergent collective bodies (ourselves, communities, environments)) through processes of attunement facilitated by a number of techniques and technologies?

Minor Movements; Infrastructures for un/recommoning was carried out as part of the Immediations project in Collaboration with Kasper Levin (affiliation) and Birgit Bundesen (Psychiatric Center Amager). More than 30 national and international people participated in the 2-day workshop event, and AIR LAB hosted the activities on the 2nd day. The participants populated the lab, atrium and surrounding environments, and explored, tore apart and re-designed a range of interactive installations specifically created for the collective coming-together of the event – among other things BERMUDA and the (Spatial Sonic) Contour. 

Here’s a link to visit the Sonic Contour created from the listening session facilitated by Arendse Krabbe and Rune Nørager on Day 1 of the event (only works in Firefox or Chrome!): http://www.itu.dk/people/moja/airlab/sound/mm_cph_2019_1/


AIR LAB: Jonas Fritsch, Mogens Jacobsen, Halfdan Hauch Jensen, Victor Permild.