This tutorial is a work in process

Muse2 is a commercial brainwave scanner developed for meditative utilization. This tutorial will walk you through connecting a computer to the Muse2 and reading the data streams. Muse2 offers data related to heartrate, gyroscape, accelerometer and EEG – brainwavelengths. This tutorial will read the EEG data, but the example can be altered if other data is desired.


Connecting to Muse2 with a computer and processing

  • Download Petal Metrics app to your computer
  • Turn on the Muse2 headset, and launch the app
  • Set Petal Metrics to OSC mode, and port 12001



  • Download the processing script from AIRLab Github
  • Launch the processing script

The script aims to filter out the EEG data message that is received via OSC.
The script works by iterating through the message, which consists of 10 datapoints. The first five datapoints are related to the message containing ID and timestamps. The following five are wavelengths representing the EEG. See matrix below

NB: The sequence of index 5 through 9 may vary!