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AIR Lab launch

ITU lab 1 Rued Langgaards Vej 7, København S, Danmark, Denmark

AIRLab Launch Flyer Launch event of the new Affective Interaction and Relations lab (AIR Lab) at ITU. The 1st of March we launched the AIR Lab with an opening event. The event was mainly an internal event for ITU staff and students. Here we showcased a series of research and student projects, and explained the […]

AIR Lab Workshop Series #1: Interactive Projections

In the 2019 fall semester, AIR LAB hosted a workshop about creating interactive spaces with projections. For the workshop we made use of the Processing IDE and the lab’s ceiling-mounted, floor-facing Microsoft Kinect body tracker and Projector setup. After an introduction to the hardware, participants were provided with example code, that could later be used […]

AIR Lab Workshop Series #2: Sensors & Sound

AIR LAB workshop series #2 SENSORS and SOUND on 21st of November. Come help us experiment with our new sensor board, while making interactive sound prototypes. 🎛🔈 Learn a simple way of getting sensor data from Arduino to desktop programming in Processing, without coding on two platforms.


EVENT: infrastructures for un/recommoning How can we explore infrastructures for un/recommoning that engage us affectively, prompt us to reassess value systems and allow us to come together differently (on the level of divergent collective bodies (ourselves, communities, environments)) through processes of attunement facilitated by a number of techniques and technologies? Minor Movements; Infrastructures for un/recommoning […]

AIR Lab Workshop Series #3: Disharmonizing Spheres

A creative coding workshop on interactive sound and light spaces – a collaboration between ITU and the Rhythmic Music Conservatory   During this workshop students from the RMC (Rhythmic Music Conservatory) and ITU (IT University of Copenhagen) will collaborate on creating interactive sound and light spaces. They will work with sound and light design, the […]

Breathing Commons Workshop

Our research group hosted a great workshop on the topic of "Breathing Commons" on Friday 6th of November at the AIR Lab. We did individual and collective breathing Exercises, which was a challenging and discursive activity to pursue during Covid pandemic times. However, this helped us to reflect on the importance of breathing and the changing perception […]

DAK x AIR Lab – Open Lab

DAK og AIRLab har slået hovederne sammen og inviterer til et hyggeligt event! Fredag d. 11. marts kl. 14-16 åbner vi døren ind til labbet og byder på en introduktion til de forskellige projekter og labbet generelt. Der vil være rig mulighed for at møde labpersonalet i et løst format, hvor vi sammen vil blive […]


In april AIRLab hosted the very first Creative Coding Club! Creative Coding Club is a workshop aimed at establishing an informal coding-events for students all across ITU. For this initial soft launch of CCC, we invited students to design an Album Artwork in Processing. The workshop was kicked off with a general introduction to Processing and generative […]

AIR Lab Relaunch 2023

THANKS FOR JOING OUR RELAUNCH FIGMA EVENT 🫶 We had a great time in the lab for this years first event! @dditaktivitetskomite had invited Senior Product Designer @asikjaer from @duckwisestudio to host a Figma workshop for students at ITU. Besides being an awesome and useful masterclass, the event marked the beginning of an exciting semester […]


In the first half March 2023, we hosted our second installation of our Creative Coding Club! We opened our doors, and facilitated a workshop wherein students were invited to play with Arduino, and a variety of different input- and output devices. The design pitch was to create an idea for how AI could express itself. […]

Friday Bar: Drinks & Demos

With a little help from our friends next door @scrollbaritu, we were able to open up the AIR LAB Friday Bar! We were so happy to see both old and new friends in the lab, joining us for drinks n’ demos! Wether it’s a casual friday chat or an important design project, collaborating and getting […]


Another Creative Coding Club took hold of the lab in April! We were so happy to invite students to play around with one of our custom interfaces: The Fakey Fakey! In collaboration with the trusty people of @dditaktivitetskomite, we established a space for students to explore how fruit, liquids, paint or anything conductive can function […]