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Thermochromic reflections

September 20, 2022
In this thesis, we investigate how we can use thermochromic textiles - a textile material with color-changing properties, in an interactive design, in order to…

Engaging with Local Narratives through AAR

August 30, 2022
We want to explore how audio augmented reality (AAR) technologies can be utilised in public design manifestations to facilitate affective experiences. We are interested in…

Shoptimal: A new way to shop

August 30, 2022
How can we through speculative design explore traditional UX design conventions in relation to e-commerce, in order to create room for reflection regarding the frictionless…


May 12, 2022
In april AIRLab hosted the very first Creative Coding Club! Creative Coding Club is a workshop aimed at establishing an informal coding-events for students all across…


April 21, 2022
LY is a reimagining of our relationship with nature and is the result of a redesign process which started as a critique of the app…

Project support is currently unavailable. We are open for project support again from January (2023)

Modelling fear in players for an AI-driven horror game

February 8, 2022
As part of an individual specialization, I am working on an individual project in collaboration with the graduation project of one of the "Animation Director"-students…

A Sense of Direction

February 8, 2022
  This explorative project examines the unique capabilities of haptics for personal mobility purposes by examining current issues with pedestrian navigation. A research through design…

Disharmony of Spheres

January 18, 2022
This project is an art project and exhibition by art duo Foo/Skou (link). For this project AIR LAB has been developing an interactive framework and…

The Sensory Garden

January 16, 2022
The Sensory Garden was designed in collaboration with Bioteket Nørrebro; a volunteer-based green culture hub for sustainability that accommodates the growth of plants, music, art, social…

Experiencing Soundscapes with Sonic Zoom

December 16, 2021
The project explores how visitors of green urban areas experience soundscapes through sonic interactiondesign. The empirical foundation for the project consists of two encounters with…

Join Senses

October 11, 2021
Are paintings reserved for the seeing, and are aesthetic experiences primarily visual? We propose the prototype Join Senses that translates colors to sound and explores…


A design space for changing felt relations through affective interactions.

The AIR LAB explores the affective and emotional aspects of living with digital and interactive technologies, and how affective interactions can change our relations to the world, each other and ourselves. In addition to hosting research and student projects within Biometrics, AR, VR, Sonic Interaction Design and Robotics, the LAB hosts talks, residencies, workshops and industry collaborations.