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April 24, 2019
  FlightFun is an affective design concept created to help individuals with flight phobia to better deal with their fear and irrational thoughts. When most…

Drawing Music

March 26, 2019
An exploration in affective art... Drawing Music is an investigation in how music affects people. The project is connecting analog drawings with digitally manipulated music,…

The Living Tree

March 15, 2019
The Living Tree is an interactive sound installation where surface transducers are deployed in a real-life setting to design an immersive and affectively engaging interaction exploring the…

The sensuousness of the digital representation

March 11, 2019
This project explored how the implementation of an aural dimension in the architectural virtual reality model can improve the experience of spatiality and visual tactility…

361° i Atrium

March 9, 2019
360° i Atrium is a place specific 360 degree video installation made for the ITU Atrium. The project is an outcome of our collaboration with…

AIR lab launch

February 18, 2019
The 1st of March we launched the AIR Lab with an opening event. The event was mainly an internal event for ITU staff and students.…


Diary of Niels

February 12, 2019
Diary of Niels is an interactive museum exhibition piece. The diary is a medium through which the fictional house ghost Niels communicates with museum guests…

Book project support... AIR lab supports bachelor projects, master thesis projects, and research projects. These projects can develop prototypes, set up tests, borrow equipment, and…


February 1, 2019
The LEDcube is an interactive art installation that is designed using quantification of movement types through an analysis of five field studies in Copenhagen. Field…


A design space for changing felt relations through affective interactions.

The AIR LAB explores the affective and emotional aspects of living with digital and interactive technologies, and how affective interactions can change our relations to the world, each other and ourselves. In addition to hosting research and student projects within Biometrics, AR, VR, Sonic Interaction Design and Robotics, the LAB hosts talks, residencies, workshops and industry collaborations.