Safety first

Refrain from endangering yourself or others working in the lab, by incorrect or hazardous use of tools, equipment or materials. Ask for help when you’re in doubt, use safety gear and take necessary precautions

Using our materials and equipment

You are welcome to use project materials from the shelves clearly marked “Materials” when building project prototypes, but no tools and equipment can leave the lab, unless permitted by the AIR LAB personnel. However, AIR LAB holds a vast equipment library which you can borrow from if you ask us during our opening hours.

Returning borrowed stuff

Always return borrowed equipment directly to the AIR LAB personnel. In an effort to avoid mistakes when handing things back in, all returns must happen within our opening hours, where we can check your items out of our system. Make sure to disassemble parts and return equipment in the same state as when it was handed out and let us know if something is malfunctioning. Please also check that all parts are in the correct boxes and bags.

Leave it better

AIR LAB is a collaborative project space where a lot of different project runs through simultaneously. We believe if everybody strives to leave the space just a little better than you found it, we can all do our part in maintaining the lab a nice place to work. For instance, this means occasionally rolling up an extra wire or picking up tools and materials that a classmate or fellow project creator have forgotten.

Be considerate of others and their projects

Help us maintain a good work environment everyone can be a part of. AIR Lab is first and foremost a lab for creativity, coding and constructing. However, please be considerate of other people working in the lab, both in terms of noise levels and space taken. Do not leave projects or materials in the lab without consulting the lab first. Respect other people in the lab, especially during the busy exam periods where everyone is working on their own tight deadline and do not move or disassemble other’s projects without permission from the AIR LAB personnel.

Be curious, ask for help when needed, and let’s build great projects together!