The AIR LAB Junior Researchers role is inspired by our good friends at the ETHOS LAB. Junior Researchers are students or graduates who do a project in the lab, often with PhD aspirations. Their projects are formulated around their individual research interests, and do not have to be connected to official study activities in their respective education programmes. As a Junior Researcher you will have a workspace in the lab. You are expected to spend a minimum of three hours a week in the lab working on the research project and attending the bi-weekly lab meeting. In returnyou are given access to the lab’s extended research community, resources and tools, expertise, workshops, insights into the internal workings of the lab, and the chance to influence its development. Your research project and profile will be feature on the AIR LAB website. During and at the end of your project, you are required to write a blog post describing what you have are working on. We also expect you to help out with social- and other events in the Lab.  

To sum things up, as a Junior Research we expect you to:  

  • Participate in the bi-weekly lab maintenance meetings 
  • Present your work (for feedback from faculty and other JRs)  
  • Write two blog posts (one during and one after the completion of your JR project) 
  • Help out with volunteer tasks in the lab 


If you are interested in becoming a junior researcher in AIR LAB, you need to submit a project document (PDF) by email ( Your project will be evaluated based on its alignment with the AIR LAB research areas (read more here), and our capacity to host your project.

Project document details

  • Max 1 page text
  • Include the following
    • Project description
    • Project timeline
    • Related works (academic or otherwise)

NB: Since this is an early stage project document we don’t expect any in depth descriptions. Just an outline of how you see your project at this point.

You are always welcome to contact head of lab Jonas Fritsch ( with any questions, or if you wish to spare about your project idea before submitting an application.