The activities affiliated with the lab can be split into five overall areas.


The lab provides technical expertise and facilities to build and test prototypes for research projects. We engage in research on many levels, from lending our space to ongoing projects to actively taking part in the full lifecycle of a research project from application to debriefing.

Teaching & Workshops

AIRLab provides students with facilities and to-go kits that allows them to explore and work with cutting edge technologies and to build functional and hi-fi prototypes in environmental scales. The lab primarily provides workspace for MSc– and BSc thesis students working with projects related to the activities and facilities of the lab.

The lab also holds great facilities for organising workshops, either for students, externals or PhD courses and Summer School.

Industry collaborations

We work with a reference group of companies that provide cases and technologies within the framing of the Lab. Further, the lab offers the possibility for our external partners to explore and experience cutting edge technologies that might become part of their product development portfolio.

Talks & Residencies

A series of talks with researchers, experts and creative practitioners working in fields related to our research areas (read more here), is hosted by AIR Lab. We also provide a technical setup and facilities for attracting externals (researchers, artists) doing residencies and contributing to the growing knowledge and project base of the lab.

Exchange programs

The lab also provides facilities to host a research exchange program, where international researchers doing work within the themes of the lab can gain access to facilities and develop projects in shorter or longer periods.