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Category: Tutorial

Reading RFID tags in Processing

Reading RFID tags in Processing with the OLIMEX MOD-RFID125 scanner This example shows how to read RFID tags from the Processing coding environment, using the OLIMEX MOD-RFID125 scanner. The scanner emulates a USB keyboard, making this a very easy thing get started with. Needed to run this example 1 x OLIMEX MOD-RFID125 scanner (link) A laptop with Processing installed (processing.org/download/) 4 x RFID (125 kHz) cards/tags NB: One card/tag is enough to make it work, but you wont be able to see the full code work Trying it out Download and unzip the Processing example code MOD_RFID125_reader from the OLIMEX_RFID_scanner folder in our Tutorials repository.…

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Orientation and position tracking

This tutorial shows a way of doing position and orientation tracking of a person using a Kinect sensor (IR webcam) and three IR LEDs. The code example used here was developed for an interactive sound installation with the need to track a personfrom above, getting both position and orientation. Normally getting the position of a person is pretty straight forward using a Kinect, but also getting the orientation of the person is a bit more tricky. In order to do this we developed the code resources included in this tutorial, and a headgear that could be mounted on a set of over-ear headphones. The headgear…

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Scheduling Processing sketches on Raspberry PI

In this short tutorial you can see how we schedule the running of Processing sketches (code) on a Raspberry PI. The method used here works by setting up the PI to run the Processing code at startup, and then making it reboot once a day, at a specific time. What you need A Raspberry PI with Raspberry Pi OS, or Rasbian. Basic knowledge of Raspberry PI and Processing. The Processing sketch For this tutorial we are using a simple Processing sketch that writes three random numbers to a text file (.txt) in the sketch folder. Each time the code runs it overwrites the previous version…

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360 video in Unity for Oculus Quest

Link: guide that shows how to get started with 360 video in Unity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eaqwszsH6Jg   Setting the up the Unity video player for using external (outside Unity) video files. This part is explicitly for usage when wanting to run a 360 Unity project on a Oculus standalone headset, like the Quest or Go. The files will still be on the Oculus headset, just not be included in the Unity project.  Why do we need to work with external video files Since Unity needs to install the project on the mask every time you wish to test the app inside the mask, there is a lot…

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Unity development for Oculus Quest & Go

Here are links to the guides we currently find most useful for setting up a the development environments for Oculus Quest & Oculus Go. NB: we try to keep these updated, as the this frequently change, so please let us know if you encounter any problems with these linkt, or the guides they reference. Setting up Unity for Oculus Quest development: Text based tutorial: https://medium.com/@sofaracing/how-to-develop-for-oculus-quest-on-macos-with-unity-5aa487b80d13 Video tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-9nxJT5UA4   If this doesen't work for you see this (older) guide we made for setting up the Oculus Go when we first got it, before the whole process could be set up inside Unity... Go - setup…

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