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Opening hours

For the remainder of the 2021 Spring Semester, AIR Lab is open the following days of the week:
Tuesdays 10.00 to 14.00
Fridays 10.00 to 14.00
Keep in mind there are a few holidays in the end of the semester, where ITU is closed.

When AIR Lab is open, you can borrow and return equipment from the lab. You can also work on your projects in the lab, but only if you book a spot beforehand. You can book a spot by looking at this calendar, and then write an email to air@itu.dk. Space is limited, so book in due time if you want be make sure you get a spot. Moreover you can book online project support on Microsoft Teams via airlab.itu.dk/booking/

You need a valid Coronapas to work in AIR Lab (or at ITU’s campus in general). ITU has a test facility on campus. You can read more about this via this link.

If you can’t get into the building when you arrive at campus you can call the phone number for ITU’s reception desk displayed on many of the entrances. Call the number to have FM let you in and go to AIR Lab.

Project support meetings | Equipment borrow/return

AIR LAB opening hours this week

AIR LAB opening hours next week