Getting started

To start out a project in the lab, consult the AIR LAB personnel. Send us an email at or show up for a talk in the lab within our opening hours.

Getting Help

We prioritize our time to people who have booked project support meetings, but if we are not busy feel free to ask for help or permission to borrow equipment, during our opening hours.

Project support meetings

You can request dedicated project support meetings through This is particularly useful for people who need ongoing guidance for long-term projects, or for people who needs thorough introduction to certain equipment or technologies. Our capacity to support long-term projects are limited however, and we will prioritize the ones relating to our research profile. See for more information.

Lab access

Project groups or individuals whose projects are affiliated with AIR LAB for longer periods of time can request door access, so they can work on their projects outside our normal opening hours.

Opening hours

Project support, borrowing and returning equipment etc. can only be done within regular opening hours. Our opening hours can be found at the door or at

Use a project slip

Always clearly mark your project with an AIR LAB project slip if leaving behind project parts in the lab. This is to avoid your project from accidently being thrown out and naturally helps us keep things in the lab organized.

Project documentation

Project documentation is a good way for us to show how the lab is being used, and is important for us to keep the space open and running. We therefore ask you to submit project documentation in the form of high-quality pictures and/or video, together with a short text about your project. This will be used for internal and external communication, publishing on our website, and/or social media channels. A guide submission template can be found at