360° i Atrium is a place specific 360 degree video installation made for the ITU Atrium.

The project is an outcome of our collaboration with local artist Peter Holmgaard and video photographer Henrik Ørslev. It was made for the AIR LAB launch event 1st of March 2019, and marks the start of a collaboration between Peter Holmgaard and AIR Lab, exploring 360 video and ambisonic sound.

We are curious how these technologies can be used in different ways to explore the place specific element, peoples way of relating to the content, and the combination of 360° video in VR headsets accompanied by a ambisonic (3D) sound element.

The film will only be available on site in the ITU Atrium. Screenings take place using VR headsets and can be booked by contacting AIR Lab at: air@itu.dk.


Peter Holmgård

A.I.R. Lab – Jonas Fritsch & Halfdan Hauch Jensen

Henrik Ørslev

Asgar Bugge Hansen, Valdemar Edouardo Glahn-Abrahamsen, Marie Holmer Sehested, Simo Ekholm, Morten Bønke Pedersen, Christian Christensen-Dalsgaard, Agnete Wagtberg Ilsøe, Peter Holmgård, Henrik Ørslev, Jonas Fritsch, Halfdan Hauch Jensen.