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Category: research

Never let me go

- a play experience for art museums ‘Never let me go’ is designed by Karin Ryding who as part of her PhD project explores the concept of critical play from aesthetic and affective perspectives in the context of art and history museums.  ‘Never let me go’ is a two-player experience enabling art museum visitors to spontaneously create a personal experience for a companion, taking place in real time in the museum. The name ‘Never let me go’ actually gives a hint to what the experience is all about. It could be described as a playful tool that uses mobile technology to, for brief period of…

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Verbal Traces

Verbal Traces listens to words in a room, and creates an interactive visualisations based on their emotional content and character. It bares evidence of the verbal actions in a space, and feeds its representation of this back into the space. The physical form of the installation is a microphone with the ability to catch voices in the room, and a video projector for showing the resulting visualisation. The project aims at exploring ways of extracting affective value from a space, and uses that as base for interventions in the same space. Concretely its expression are generative visualisations based on sentiment analysis of texts generated by…

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361° i Atrium

360° i Atrium is a place specific 360 degree video installation made for the ITU Atrium. The project is an outcome of our collaboration with local artist Peter Holmgaard and video photographer Henrik Ørslev. It was made for the AIR LAB launch event 1st of March 2019, and marks the start of a collaboration between Peter Holmgaard and AIR Lab, exploring 360 video and ambisonic sound. We are curious how these technologies can be used in different ways to explore the place specific element, peoples way of relating to the content, and the combination of 360° video in VR headsets accompanied by a ambisonic (3D)…

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