Reading RFID tags in Processing with the OLIMEX MOD-RFID125 scanner

This example shows how to read RFID tags from the Processing coding environment, using the OLIMEX MOD-RFID125 scanner. The scanner emulates a USB keyboard, making this a very easy thing get started with.

Needed to run this example

NB: One card/tag is enough to make it work, but you wont be able to see the full code work

Trying it out

  1. Download and unzip the Processing example code MOD_RFID125_reader from the OLIMEX_RFID_scanner folder in our Tutorials repository.
  2. Attach the OLIMEX MOD-RFIS125 to your computer via USB. It will likely open a dialogue from your OS that tells you that a new keyboard is detected. Just close this dialogue.
  3. Open a text editor, and scan a card/tag, while making sure to keep the text editor the active window. Now the ID of the given card/tag will appear in the text editor.
  4. Copy the code, and replace one of the IDs in the downloaded code (line: 10) with the one you just read from your card.
  5. Run the code, and try to place a card/tag on top of the scanner, and remove it again.
  6. A green square should now appear in one of the four corners of the sketch canvas.
  7. Repeat the process with dumping and replacing RFID codes with the remaining three cards/tags, and run the sketch again.
  8. Now try with different cards/tags. The green square should now move from corner to corner, each time a new card is scanned.