What is the ceiling rig?

The ceiling rig in AIR LAB consists of two assemblages of trusses, suspended about 6 meters above the ground in the lab. It can be used for suspending technology from the ceiling in the lab in varying heights (max 6m), but also have a lot of permanent mounted DMX addressable lighting. The rig contains the following hardware:

  • 7 flood lamps (LED Panels)
  • 8 RGB lights
  • 1 floor projector (not DMX controlled)
  • 1 moving head RGB light
  • 1 Kinect Camera – facing the floor
  • 1 Tracking/orientation headset
  • 13 Dimmer blocks available

How do i use it for my project?

First of all, book an appointment with us, and we will discuss the available options.

When using the rig for a project you will primarily be controlling it via DMX protocols. On the hardware side, everything in the rig can be connected to your own computer via either USB or HDMI. We have a central computer in the lab with an interface for the ceiling rig, but we can also provide a framework for building your own or incorporating DMX protocols into your project. If more technology is needed, we can discuss utilising the unused dimmer blocks.

If you want to use the Kinect, we have list of related resources we have available, which can be found in the README on our Ceiling Rig Repository on GitHub. This repository also includes in depth specifications of the setup.

The related resources include: