Finally, ITU students have a chance of exhibiting at the CPH light festival! A group of engaged digital design students from the student-organization DAK has taken the initiative to start a collaboration between ITU and the Copenhagen Light Festival. This collaboration finds it’s home in AIRLab, where we will host a series of workshops, aiming to give the participants the opportunity of being a part of their own light-installation for the CPH light festival 2024.

Project timeline:

(pasted from first workshop slides)

First workshop! (04/10)

Thanks to everyone who participated in the first workshop (04/10), wherein the participants were introduced to what it means to exhibit at the CPH light festival and got a brief introduction to light-installations. Afterwards, we spoke about the resources available here in AIRLab, and how AIRLab might be able to assist in the creation of light installations – both by sharing our insights and contributing to the concept-development.

  • Link to the facebook-event
  • Link to workshop-slides
  • Check out the previous light festival programmes for inspiration or entertainment
  • Information about most of our available resources can be found under “Technologies” -> “Equipment”.

Second workshop! (25/10)

Join our second workshop about the creation of light installations for the CPH Light festival, right here at ITU!

Every ITU student is hereby invited to join us in AIR Lab, and get a chance to be a part of a group, that will create an interactive light installation for the CPH light festival! This is a fantastic opportunity to apply and expand your technical knowledge and design skills within a collaborative team setting.

No matter your field of study at ITU, you’re welcome to join us – the only requirement is an interest in the intersection of design, art and technology. You don’t need to bring anything; we’ve got everything covered. The workshop is hosted by the dedicated staff and friends of AIR Lab, along with representatives from DAK.

The event is scheduled for the 25th of October, from 16:00 to 19:00.

The agenda is as follows:

  1. Participants will come together and form groups based on their interests. The group formation process will be facilitated by our hosts.
  2. Once groups are formed, they will brainstorm and settle on a captivating concept for their light installation.
  3. Each group will then craft a detailed plan for executing their concept, ensuring it can be completed on time. Unlike typical student projects, we’re creating something that will shine at ITU for several months, and this calls for careful planning and execution.

To keep our energy levels up during the workshop, DAK will provide delicious pizza and snacks!

Should you have any questions about this workshop or if you’re unable to attend the event but still want to be part of a group, please don’t hesitate to contact us at AIR@ITU.DK. We can’t wait to see you and work on one of the most exciting workshops yet!


Pictures from workshops!