The Fakey Fakey is an out-of-the-box device that allows keyboard/mouse USB-input to be generated from physical, tangible interactions. Similar to the Makey Makey, the device works by measuring minor changes in voltage on the input pins. This allows human touch, or any semi-conductive material, to take part in the circuit. While holding the ground wire in one hand, interaction with objects connected to input pins will generate a keystroke or mouse-click on your computer. The Fakey Fakey is based on an Arduino Leonardo which allows it to emulate mouse and keyboard interaction. It is a useful prototyping tool for connecting tangible interactions with software on your computer, without coding.

By default, the Fakey Fakey allows interaction with arrow-keys, mouseclick, spacebar and a few letters (AWSDQE). The source code can however be downloaded and altered as desired to work with different keystrokes, function-keys, mouse-movement etc.


  • AIR LAB Fakey Fakey
  • USB-micro cable
  • Crocodile wires 


Source-Code on AIR LAB GitHub
Documentation: Arduino Mouse.h
Documentation: Arduino Keyboard.h