Raspberry Pi’s are a type of single-board computer, that out-of-the-box does not come with any peripherals (e.g. mouse, keyboard etc.). It is often used to drive smaller projects with electronics or peripherals on the sideeither ready-made (e.g. webcams, projectors, speakers) or self-made electronics (e.g. Arduino projects). Like the Arduino, it is considered one of the go-to frameworks to start building custom-made programmable and interactive artefacts, because of its relatively easy learning curve, its extensive documentation, its countless code examples and large community supporting it.  The kit is set as “headless” for wireless project work. Peripherals can be borrowed separately if needed.


  • Raspberry Pi single-board computer model 4B (4GB or 8GB RAM), encased 
  • Raspberry Pi 5V 3A Power Adapter (USB-C)
  • 16gb Micro SD card + SD adaptor


Getting started with Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi GPIO via Processing, Reference Page