Raspberry Pi’s are a type of single-board computer, that out-of-the-box does not come with any peripherals (e.g. mouse, keyboard etc.). It is often used to drive smaller projects with electronics or peripherals on the sideeither ready-made (e.g. webcams, projectors, speakers) or self-made electronics (e.g. Arduino projects). Like the Arduino, it is considered one of the go-to frameworks to start building custom-made programmable and interactive artefacts, because of its relatively easy learning curve, its extensive documentation, its countless code examples and large community supporting it.  


  • Raspberry Pi single-board computer (8GB RAM), encased 
  • Raspberry Pi 5V 3A Power Adapter 
  • Raspberry Pi Keyboard + USB Cable 
  • Raspberry Pi Mouse 
  • Screen 
  • Screen Power Supply 
  • HDMI Cable (microHDMI to miniHDMI) 


Getting started with Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi GPIO via Processing, Reference Page