This kit is an all-you-need solution for looping one or multiple soundfiles in continuous rotation. It is developed as a robust infrastructure that has proper quality sound, and starts looping soundfiles from the provided USB flash drive, as soon as the Raspberry Pi is powered up. It is developed to be a robust solution for long term use in various installation projects. The different components in the kit are selected due to their ability to be both robust and flexible. Hence the Argon aluminium case for the Raspberry Pi, and the small sound mixer allowing easy control over the sound output. The mixer is also serving as a sound card.

The code is made in Python, and you are welcome to hack and tweek it to fit your own project needs. You will find our documentation at our GitHub. See link below.


– Raspberry Pi (in Argon case)
– Power supply
– micro SD card
– Behringer Xenyx 302 USB mixer
– USB flash drive
– USB cable (type B)
– RCA (phono) to Mini Jack (3.5 mm) cable
– RCA (phono) to Jack (6.6 mm) cable


RPi Sound Looper code and setup guide (GitHub)