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Author: vbpe

Join Senses

Are paintings reserved for the seeing, and are aesthetic experiences primarily visual? We propose the prototype Join Senses that translates colors to sound and explores blind and visually impaired people’s challenges and experiences. Join Senses translates a painting’s colors to sound by applying the notion of crossing modalities. The theory for crossing modalities, in this case the visual and auditory, is that of artificial synesthesia, which literally means the joining of senses. Colors can be translated to sound, as there is a logical correlation and as they both have frequencies and are measured in Hertz. The translation of colors to sound in Join Senses is…

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SoundDive is the result of a collaboration between the Center for Art, Design and Technology (CATCH) in Elsinore and AIR LAB at the IT-University of Copenhagen. The installation is an auditive augmented virtuality experience of a science-fiction soundscape. The soundscape represents what the deep sea around Elsinore could sound like in the not too distant future. When entering SoundDive, users encounters the buzzing of internet cables along the seabed and drones speeding by them as they explore and interact with the soundscape by moving around the room. The project was an experiment in how sound could function as the main modality of mixed reality experiences.…

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Advanced Design Processes Course Supervision 2019

In the fall semester of 2019, AIR LAB assisted students in the course "Advanced Design Processes" to build a wide array of prototypes. In this compilation we present a selection of the work that came out of the collaboration, while highlighting the most important technologies that brought these designs to life. 1. Hear Me Now A kinetic pendant lamp reacting to noise levels in the room. It is meant to increase the awareness of the daily challenge in noisy spaces, for hearing-impaired individuals, in work environments. An increased noise level makes it hard or impossible for hearing- impaired to follow the conversations in a meeting room/work…

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