BERMUDA (aka the Affect-o-meter) is a piece of soft white fabric suspended in four wires, each wire controlled by independent data streams fed by real-time analysis of the sounds in the Affective Interactions & Relations (AIR) Lab. The main idea behind the installation is to take data streams and give them a physical presence in a room for people to engage directly with.

BERMUDA partially captures the atmospheric intensity in the room, and tries to add creatively to it. Partial capture is a key word here –

BERMUDA does not attempt to perform a precise analysis of all the contributing factors to the atmosphere. It does, however, attempt to enter into a re-fielding of the different experiential vectors expressed through sound in the room – and it really wants to add or relay, rather than subtract, from what is going on. Its mode of engagement is shifting not a transgression – a soft modulatory potentiation occurring through the field of experience at stake. 

BERMUDA was developed as part of the SSHRC Immediations: Media, Art, Event research project (2012-19) by digital artist Mogens Jacobsen, Halfdan Hauch-Jensen and Jonas Fritsch.