We want to explore how audio augmented reality (AAR) technologies can be utilised in public design manifestations to facilitate affective experiences. We are interested in how AAR can afford engagement with otherwise hidden local narratives about Ørestad through augmentation of public spaces.

Ørestad has been met with much criticism and concerns for its future in the media, but the criticism comes from people who do not live there. What do the residents of Ørestad think about living there? We want to facilitate their stories and speculations about the future of Ørestad through an audio augmented experience, where the personal stories of the residents are put in contrast to the external criticism.

The prototype utilises an Arduino Uno unit as an interface for a potentiometer dial control used to pan between stereo channels containing separate spoken narratives within Ableton Live. This allows the user to shift between the stories told by residents and the criticism from external actors, changing the relative volume of the two channels.


Nicklas Lindberg Larsen, Casper Boye Terkelsen