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Tag: Master Thesis

Collective Affective Loops

Designing for shared experiences in Affective Computing This thesis explores the proposed concept of a Collective affective loop. The Collective affective loop aims to reinforce a mutual emotion within both its users, and increase the engagement in the social experience. A prototype was built in the social context of a blind date. This social context was chosen for its specific set of expectations, culture and rules. We anticipated that participants were more likely to express a smile in this social context, as it would be perceived as a positive gesture. Through the applied technology of Facial Expression Recognition (FER), the system tracked both participants’ facial…

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Heather: A Body of Art

Multisensorial experiences through the merging of art and socio-digital materials In classic museum spaces, visitors can only experience paintings visually and at a distance. This distance is meant to conserve the piece, but it takes away from the visceral, sensuous experience of art. This project attempts to close this gap by enabling visitors to experience a painting affectively. The prototype (with the endearing name: Heather) functions as an affective and emotional reenactment of the original artwork. Heather features a canvas based, touch sensitive interface, which mimics the textures of the original piece. Interacting with Heather affects a dynamic, ambient soundscape. Different areas of the interface…

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Sensuous Exploration of Commons in Urban Spaces

Urban nature is all around us, entangled in all aspects of our human life. Nevertheless, people don’t seem to notice it, leaving it to be considered as something unvalued and unnoticed. We have found this to be rooted within an ubiquitous anthropocentric mindset flourishing within the human race. We have explored ways to ‘stay with the trouble’, through design to cultivate new ways of commoning in urban nature. To do so we have collaborated with Growing Pathway; an urban planning organization to rediscover the affective socio-natural relationship between urban nature and human beings. Within the field of interaction design, we have developed a sonic design…

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