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Tag: Augmented Reality

Thermochromic reflections

In this thesis, we investigate how we can use thermochromic textiles - a textile material with color-changing properties, in an interactive design, in order to explore the material composition between computer and textile. We want to uncover how we can practically apply the properties and qualities of the textile material in a concrete interaction design. The project consists of a longer design process. In the process, we have especially focused on prototyping, in order to be able to work with the material thermochromic textile, which is precisely the focal point for this project. Slow technology has been the overall theoretical framework of this project, and…

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Engaging with Local Narratives through AAR

We want to explore how audio augmented reality (AAR) technologies can be utilised in public design manifestations to facilitate affective experiences. We are interested in how AAR can afford engagement with otherwise hidden local narratives about Ørestad through augmentation of public spaces. Ørestad has been met with much criticism and concerns for its future in the media, but the criticism comes from people who do not live there. What do the residents of Ørestad think about living there? We want to facilitate their stories and speculations about the future of Ørestad through an audio augmented experience, where the personal stories of the residents are put…

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