AIRLab provides students with facilities and to-go kits that allows them to explore and work with cutting edge technologies and to build functional and hi-fi prototypes in environmental scales.

The lab provides work space for MSc– and BSc thesis students working with projects related to the activities and facilities of the lab, but students can also apply with more ad-hoc project demands. In addition, the lab facilitates ongoing support and advice on courses and project realisation that is not directly tied to the core infrastructure provided by the lab.

The lab also holds great facilities and infrastructures for organising workshops, either for students, externals or PhD courses and summer school.

Mac Mini Workstations

The Mac Mini workstations are located in the lab to use for projectwork that requires specific software for sketching and prototyping or quick access to physical interfaces. Our workstations are connected to the ceiling rig (see below), and can be used for work with processing, Ableton Live etc. The are available during opening hours, for students to work on.

Raspberry Pi Workstation

The Raspberry Pi workstation is a complete setup to quickly connect and work with Raspi. It consists of screen, mouse, keyboard, two HDMI sizes, USB-C and Micro USB to accommodate all versions of Raspi.

Mac Mini Project Machines

AIR LAB holds two Mac Minis to use in project work that requires a computer to run. Students are invited to install and test project-related software on them, and include them in their project work. They contain useful software for project installation, like VNC and Amphetamine.


In AIRLab, we strive to make all the code we work with open source. This available in our GitHub repositories.  The available code includes that from projects we’ve helped develop, small and efficient bits of code in the “Sandbox”, and other code we use in relation to our work in AIRLab, such as on our “Fakey Fakeys”.

Atrium Screens

The Atrium Screens setup consists of a linux machine running a 5760 x 1080 widescreen setup across three monitors. The machine connects to a website that showcases pictures across the three screens.

Kinect + Projector

In our ceiling rig, we’ve installed a downward-facing Microsoft Kinect, connected to a downward-facing projector. More information about Microsoft Kinect can be found here, under the “Equipment”-tab. Swing by AIRLab during opening hours, to talk about how this setup could be used in your project. Instructions for turning on the setup, including speakers, can be found here.

Keynote projector + sound


Bike Trailer + 220v power

Our biketrailer is fitted with a 12v car battery and power inverter to supply 220v on the go.

AV on wheels + slidepi

A complete AV setup with screen, speakers and webcam. Useful in hybrid meetings with physical and online participants. The setup also holds a Raspi that automatically launches a slideshow of pictures when booted with a flashdrive inserted.

Ceiling Rig

The ceiling rig is a ceiling mounted structure of trusses in AIR LAB (~6m above the ground), containing 15 professional light sources (RGB/Flood) that are DMX addressable, one Kinect camera, and a floor projector. We have our own interface for the ceiling rig in the lab, but can also provide you with code to incorporate the rig into your own projects. This could be if you want to work with larger scale light installations or position tracking… read more