LYDSPOR (SONIC TRACES), is a site-specific sonic experience that allows people to feel and sense narrative fragments of the past, interwoven with the present-day experience of human and nonhuman bodies co-existing in the city of Elsinore. The LYDSPOR experience uses sonic technologies and soundscapes to augment the existing space of the city with forgotten sounds and stories from the 1500-1600s, and it consists of three parts. Two physical installations; one at the harbour and the other at the City Museum of Elsinore, and one app-based soundwalk on the street Hestemøllestræde, leading up from the harbour to where the museum is located. The installation at the harbour (Sanden, meaning the Sand) uses transducers embedded in a physical sculpture to play a soundscape that can be listened to and felt as vibrations through the body when standing in or sitting on the installation. Through the felt and heard soundscape it tells the story of the land and the diaspora community emerging there through a settlement which existed for a hundred years before it was demolished in the war against Sweden in 1658. The installation at the museum (Karmeliterhuset – named after the house in which the museum is currently placed) also uses transducers and embodied listening to convey both the human and more-than-human sounds that could have been heard in the house 500 years ago. Finally, the soundwalk along Hestemøllestræde uses location-aware technology and a custom designed app to introduce visitors to historical human and nonhuman actors and stories related to this particular street, unfolding different perspectives of and frictions between the belief in magic, science and the church during the 1500-1600s.

The project was generously supported by WS Audiology.


The project was exhibited/tested in May and July 2022 in Elsinore.


LYDSPOR was developed in a project-collaboration between the AIR Lab, CATCH – Centre for Art, Design and Technology in Elsinore, the Municipality of Elsinore and the City Museum of Elsinore.


[CATCH, Elsinore] – Majken Overgaard
[City Museum, Elsinore] – Line Brun Stallknecht
[Municipality of Elsinore] – Laura Albeck Ibsen
[AIR Lab, IT University of Copenhagen]
Jonas Fritsch, Halfdan Hauch Jensen, Vasiliki Tsaknaki, Stina Hasse Jørgensen, Karin Ryding, Thomas Kaufmanas
[While Loops Interactive] – Johan Gelinder
[Mastermind Production] – Finn Markwardt
[Playwrite] – Sophie Bredal Zinckernagel
[Visual designer] – Ada Ada Ada
Lue Støvlebæk, Mette Kjeldgaard Jensen, Ene Øster Bendtsen, Michelle Bjørn-Andersen, Jens Zacho Böye
[Video documentation, IT University of Copenhagen] – Rina de Place Bjørn

More about the project (in danish) PDF link


by Kasper Christiansen