PLURIVERS is a sound installation mounted in a birch tree trunk, that was found at the park surrounding the ArtCenter Silkeborg Bad. The installation transmit sound through the trunk, by use of surface transducers. When a participant is leaning an ear on the trunk to listen, a soundscape is heard and a circuit between the tree, the person and the forrest is completed. The audio recordings used are recorded by anthropologist Stine Krøijer and her project team during a research field trip to the amazonas, and mixed into a soundscape by AIR LAB.


The installation was made for the exhibition FORREST DOCUMENTS (2020), at ArtCenter Silkeborg Bad, curated by Stine Krøijer. 

FOREST DOCUMENTS opens a window to a forrest of non-humane actors, and their parallel realities. Though photo, video, sound, and social intervention, the thesis about the anthropocene epoch is questioned, in relation to humans as having a special status in nature and total control. The visitors at the exhibition are invited to reflect on their own relation to nature.

Credits:: AIT LAB ITU – Jonas Fritsch, Halfdan Hauch Jensen, Victor Permild, with Stine Krøijer.