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Tag: Affective design

Exploring Futures of Sexuality: Cloud Breathe Lust

Cloud Breathe Lust is a speculative design artefact that explores the relationship between erotic aspects of sexuality and inclusive technologies. Inspired by sex toys and soma design, it engages the body and creates somatic sensations through breathing and temperature changes while also being a communication tool for the feeling of lust in a teasing way. It involves two persons. When one breathes into the cloud, the air is translated into heat on the other person's arm as an indication of lust, and a mediated intimate space is established. The experience can also be supported by eye contact and whispering between the two persons. The artefact…

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Affective Intimacies

BACKGROUND: Sometimes the world is in a state of shock and sometime s that shock shakes us not only as a collective but as individuals. February 24th 2022 Russia invaded Ukraine, an event that surprised us all and started an active war on European ground. My boyfriend was in the army and in the midst of fear and change we had to adjust to a new normal, where he was deployed and I was at home. Fear and distance are the biggest threats to intimacy and now we had to learn and evolve in order to keep that intimacy between us. This experience became the…

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