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Affective Intimacies

BACKGROUND: Sometimes the world is in a state of shock and sometime s that shock shakes us not only as a collective but as individuals. February 24th 2022 Russia invaded Ukraine, an event that surprised us all and started an active war on European ground. My boyfriend was in the army and in the midst of fear and change we had to adjust to a new normal, where he was deployed and I was at home. Fear and distance are the biggest threats to intimacy and now we had to learn and evolve in order to keep that intimacy between us. This experience became the…

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New Snow

Exploring a Digital Art Collection through Drawing Interactions with a Deep Generative Model. New Snow is an interactive drawing table that investigates human interaction with a deep generative model based on Edvard Munch’s sketching practice. Through drawings with pen and paper, you can interact with the model which will return synthetic sketches based on the input drawings in near real time. The StyleGAN 2 model is trained on 5800 of Edvard Munch's sketches, and is thus constrained to representing images within the latent space of his sketching practice. As you draw on the tracing paper an infrared sensitive camera records the lines your produce. A…

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Collective Affective Loops

Designing for shared experiences in Affective Computing This thesis explores the proposed concept of a Collective affective loop. The Collective affective loop aims to reinforce a mutual emotion within both its users, and increase the engagement in the social experience. A prototype was built in the social context of a blind date. This social context was chosen for its specific set of expectations, culture and rules. We anticipated that participants were more likely to express a smile in this social context, as it would be perceived as a positive gesture. Through the applied technology of Facial Expression Recognition (FER), the system tracked both participants’ facial…

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