This project is an art project and exhibition by art duo Foo/Skou (link). For this project AIR LAB has been developing an interactive framework and the sonic interaction design for the exhibition, on close collaboration with the two artists. The result of the collaboration was exhibited at Nikolaj Kunsthall in Copenhagen (29th of May – 22nd of August, 2021).

Disharmony of Spheres was created with inspiration from the German astronomer and mathematician Johannes Kepler’s idea of ‘the music of the universe’, a universe in ‘perfect harmony’. In a time of climate crisis, increasing polarisation and global pandemic, the audio-visual and interactive installation challenges the concept of harmony — both conceptually and aesthetically.


The installation is a spatial piece of music, in which the objects serve as templates for composition, and the audience’s movement and physical presence direct the sound. It is a sonification and visualisation of a deconstructed and abstract version of our Solar System. FOO/SKOU’s intention is to invite the audience to explore a universe that balances between harmony — and disharmony — as an analogy with how we each and collectively are part of a larger system in which we have to navigate.

Disharmony of Spheres consists of 81 singing ceramic objects installed in nine groupings — one for each planet in our Solar System as well as the dwarf planet Pluto. The design, texture, melody sequences and sound design of the objects are based on the planet’s orbital frequencies, their layered constructions as well as a number of philosophical worldviews. The system behind the installation is exhibited separately in the Tower Gallery in the form of ‘sounding prints’ with the titles System Print and Data Note 1-9. In addition to elaborating the system behind the installation, the works serve as graphic scores for FOO/SKOU’s iPhone app format4. System Print is printed in a circulation of 3000 giveaways so that the artwork can have a life beyond this exhibition.



Foo/Skou: Louise Foo & Martha Skou
AIR LAB: Halfdan Hauch Jensen, Victor Permild, Thomas Kaufmanas, Jonas Fritsch

Photo & video contributed by Foo/Skou