The Sensory Garden was designed in collaboration with Bioteket Nørrebro; a volunteer-based green culture hub for sustainability that accommodates the growth of plants, music, art, social events and sustainable ideas.

The goal was to make the space outside Bioteket more inviting while creating awareness about Bioteket among locals by enticing them to participate in a playful activity in green surroundings.

The final design is a plant bed placed outside Bioteket with a screen hanging above it. The screen invites passers-by to interact with the plants by touching them. Touch is registered by the MPR121 capacitance sensor which activates sound and the screen to display information about Bioteket.


Frederikke S. S. Jacobsen​ (KDDIT)​, Loisa R. Taylor (CS), Nikolaj K. Pedersen​ (DIM)​, Safra A. N. Martinussen​​ (KDDIT​)