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HCI Research-based speculative design experiment

 April 24, 2024 

Muse – Brainwaves or EEG

p { margin: 0; } Muse S is a commercial brainwave scanner developed for meditation, sleeping etc. In AIR lab we use Muse 2 and Muse S for two scenarios. EEG and other raw data: EEG, PPG, Acceleromer, Gyroscope and Temperature sensor. Brainwaves (Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma & Theta).  We have written a tutorial for…

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 March 1, 2024 

Exploring Futures of Sexuality: Cloud Breathe Lust

Cloud Breathe Lust is a speculative design artefact that explores the relationship between erotic aspects of sexuality and inclusive technologies. Inspired by sex toys and soma design, it engages the body and creates somatic sensations through breathing and temperature changes while also being a communication tool for the feeling of lust in a teasing way.…

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 February 21, 2024 

Affective Intimacies

BACKGROUND: Sometimes the world is in a state of shock and sometime s that shock shakes us not only as a collective but as individuals. February 24th 2022 Russia invaded Ukraine, an event that surprised us all and started an active war on European ground. My boyfriend was in the army and in the midst…

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 October 6, 2023 

CPH light festival 2024 @ ITU

Post-exhibition update: We're very proud of our engaged groups have presented no less than three fantastically well-recieved exhibitions in February, during CPH Light Festival. People gathered from near and far to experience the exhibitions, and interact with them. Our effort didn't go unnoticed by the festival, that rewarded us with the "Light of the day"-award.…

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 October 2, 2023 

Alternative interactions with IVIS interfaces

A Research Through Design approach to automotive HCI design       In recent years, changes in the car industry have brought about increased driver- distraction, which is the leading cause of fatal automotive accidents. A major cause of this can be attributed to the introduction of touchscreen in-vehicle information systems (IVIS), which allows drivers…

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 June 17, 2023 

Book project support meetings  AIR lab supports student, and research projects. These projects can develop prototypes, set up tests, borrow equipment, and get support for prototyping and working with our equipment and technical infrastructures. We offer support to all ITU students and researchers. Feel free to contact us prior to booking, or drop by the lab…

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 June 16, 2023 


UDREDNING ("Diagnosing") is an MR (mixed reality) audiovisual installation based on diaries, social media entries, and interviews with parents who have kids who are either in a diagnosing process or who recently have been through one. In the project, we try to express what it means to be a parent to a child going through…

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 June 16, 2023 


LYDSPOR (SONIC TRACES), is a site-specific sonic experience that allows people to feel and sense narrative fragments of the past, interwoven with the present-day experience of human and nonhuman bodies co-existing in the city of Elsinore. The LYDSPOR experience uses sonic technologies and soundscapes to augment the existing space of the city with forgotten sounds…

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 May 24, 2023 

New Snow

Exploring a Digital Art Collection through Drawing Interactions with a Deep Generative Model. New Snow is an interactive drawing table that investigates human interaction with a deep generative model based on Edvard Munch’s sketching practice. Through drawings with pen and paper, you can interact with the model which will return synthetic sketches based on the…

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 May 15, 2023 

Mood Ring

A speculative exploration of emotions in technology In this speculative design project, we explore how people interact with and reflect upon emotion-sensing technology throug a prototype inspired by the color-changing mood rings that many are familiar with from their childhood. The prototype analyzes one's emotional state by utilizing EEG and a machine learning algorithm. Our…

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 March 21, 2023 

Exploring Shock

This project set out to investigate how the body is affected during the occurrence of shocks, with a focus on the relation between micro-perceptional shocks and larger shocks. Founded on and inspired by affect theory, soma-design methods and research through design, I explored the physical reactions to shock, as well as try to implement them…

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 September 20, 2022 

Thermochromic reflections

In this thesis, we investigate how we can use thermochromic textiles - a textile material with color-changing properties, in an interactive design, in order to explore the material composition between computer and textile. We want to uncover how we can practically apply the properties and qualities of the textile material in a concrete interaction design.…

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