LY is a reimagining of our relationship with nature and is the result of a redesign process which started as a critique of the app SHELTER. The app represents an ontological view of nature which sees humans and nature as two separates. This project challenges this view and creates a more sensory and emotional nature experience, grounded in a holistic nature-human ontology.

LY is a sensory experience that lets you interact with a nature soundscape through touch-based interactions.
The physical installation consists of carefully selected nature elements which is combined to create a wall mounted panel that connote nature.

When you put on the attached noise cancelling headphones, you enter a universe that lets you explore the sounds found in a typical Danish forest. By touching the nature elements, the soundscape changes and evolves in different directions, based directly on your interactions.

The technical design of LY was created using an Arduino combined with a capacity sensor.
Using processing, the soundscape was programmed to respond to the sensor readings through dynamic and fluid changes in sound and volume.

Inspired by slow technology, LY is envisioned as a speculative design that facilitates time for reflection about our relationship with nature and its role in society, while in a natural mental pause.
LY is imagined installed in public spaces such as Kongens Nytorv metro, inviting people to explore and reflect, while experiencing nature in a new way.


Nadja Striib, Magnus Vagn Jensen, Jeanette Thuesen, Thomas Nielsen, Nicklas Ravn