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Tag: Course project

The Pulsating Fruit Bowl

We situated a specific interaction expressed by our main topic being the ripeness and decay of food. The design context was inspired by our audience being visually impaired. Our prototype illustrates how visually impaired people inspired us to work with touch and feel which became the foundation for the prototype. We wanted to seek a deeper understanding on how to conduct research through design by working with senses in relation to our audience and topic. DESIGN BRIEF Design a way to subjectivly experience the ripeness of a fruit through touch and feel and allow the users to reflect upon the interaction. DESIGN CONCEPT Create a fruit bowl which allows the user to assess and…

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Collective Affective Loops

Designing for shared experiences in Affective Computing This thesis explores the proposed concept of a Collective affective loop. The Collective affective loop aims to reinforce a mutual emotion within both its users, and increase the engagement in the social experience. A prototype was built in the social context of a blind date. This social context was chosen for its specific set of expectations, culture and rules. We anticipated that participants were more likely to express a smile in this social context, as it would be perceived as a positive gesture. Through the applied technology of Facial Expression Recognition (FER), the system tracked both participants’ facial…

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