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Modelling fear in players for an AI-driven horror game

As part of an individual specialization, I am working on an individual project in collaboration with the graduation project of one of the "Animation Director"-students at the Danish Filmschool. The project at the Filmschool spans two semesters (Fall 2021 and Spring 2022), and is an AI-driven horror game with a heavy emphasis on narrative and empathy. The game is named "Church in the Wild", themed around a nightmarish virtual reality controlled by an Artificial Intelligence, and developed in Unreal Engine 4 for the PC. The project at the Filmschool is a collaboration between students from the Filmschool, several differnet Universities, and other higher educations, where…

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Book project support AIR Lab supports a wide array of projects e.g. bachelor/master theses, as well as ad hoc research projects. Projects affiliated with AIR Lab can use the lab to develop prototypes, set up tests, borrow equipment, and get support for prototyping and working with our equipment and technical infrastructures. If you're looking to borrow/return equipment from the lab please read the information regarding our opening hours here.You can find and book a project support meeting from our calendar below.  Sorry our booking system is currently down.. For booking of LAB support write here. Beforehand please look at lab opening hours for possible dates.

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