The project explores how visitors of green urban areas experience soundscapes through sonic interactiondesign. The empirical foundation for the project consists of two encounters with visitors in Byhaven – a small urban garden situated on Amager close to ITU. The project revolves around Sonic Zoom; a sonic interaction design artefact created by AIRLab. Sonic Zoom allows the user to zoom in on sounds in an environment by interacting with four wheels that control volume of sound.

Sonic Zoom was fitted with four sounds. By wearing wireless headphones, the visitors were enabled to create a personal soundscape that enables different auditive experiences of the environment. Analysis showed that soundscapes in urban nature are a complex combination of representative and contextually appropriate sounds. As such, the experience of sound and soundscapes depend on context, mindset, technology and intentionality.


Jonas Pedersen, Thomas Kaufmanas, Francisca Kanstrup, Viktor Funch Beck, Carl Wedel-Wedellsborg