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Category: Tutorial

Playing MP3 files with DFplayer mini and Arduino

The DFplayer mini is essentially a small mp3-player which can be controlled by an Arduino. With the provided library you can easily control the module by calling functions, which makes the DFplayer mini easy to implement in projects using Arduino. What you will need DFPlayer mini MP3 module MicroSD card + adapter Arduino 2 x 1kΩ resistors 2 x pushbuttons 10kΩ potentiometer Mini Jack cable Mini jack female adaptor Breadboard + jumper wires   DFrobotDFplayermini Arduino library AIRLab example code A (introduction) and AIRLab example code B (Music player with buttons) Both code examples can be found on our GitHub page   Trying it out…

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Web-based content display 

In this tutorial we will show how to make a content display running a webpage with dynamic content, getting updated, at a given interval. We assume you already have a website you wish to show and gives all the instructions on how to set up a Raspberry Pi to show the website, and refresh the site, to account for dynamic content.   The idea is of course that you, with a bit of web skills, can design your own content page (webpage), pulling in dynamic content from various sources and showing an always updated view of this on a display. Hopefully you will find interesting use cases for this.   Some background on our use case (optional read) We used it to solve the boring problem of having a display…

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