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Author: sjel

Mood Ring

A speculative exploration of emotions in technology In this speculative design project, we explore how people interact with and reflect upon emotion-sensing technology throug a prototype inspired by the color-changing mood rings that many are familiar with from their childhood. The prototype analyzes one's emotional state by utilizing EEG and a machine learning algorithm. Our project, Mood Ring, is a prototype designed to measure and visualize a user's emotions using brainwave data. We have incorporated several components to create this interactive experience. The Muse 2, a portable headband, captures the user's brainwaves through EEG technology during meditation sessions. These brainwaves, including alpha, beta, delta, gamma,…

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Activating affective relations on Amager Fælled

  This project explores how Copenhageners' affective relations to the nature of Amager Fælled, an urban green area located in the North-western part of Amager in Copenhagen, can be activated through design. Our motivation behind the design project originates from the controversial construction case of the residential area 'Fælledby', which has been a topic of political debate for years. The controversial case highlights the importance of understanding the affective dimension between humans and nature, and we believe that this dimension is particularly relevant to understand as climate changes influence how people perceive the world as well as the future. In the project, we engaged with…

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NeoPixel LED strip with Arduino

A NeoPixel strip is an LED strip where each individual LED can be independently controlled. This is the distinguishing feature of NeoPixel strips: the ability to program each LED on the strip to to display any color and brightness you want. NeoPixel strips find versatile application in various domains, including decorative lighting, wearable technology, artistic installations, and dynamic visual displays. Getting started Here are the steps covered in this tutorial: Installing Arduino IDE Installing FastLED Library Setup Arduino Download our code examples Explore Needed Materials Arduino + USB Cable. NeoPixel LED strip Jumper wires External power supply (needed for longer LED strips) Installing Arduino IDE…

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Wekinator – Creating machine learning algorithms

Wekinator is a software tool designed for interactive machine learning, particularly in the context of real-time multimedia applications. It was developed by Rebecca Fiebrink as part of her doctoral research and provides a user-friendly interface for artists, musicians, designers, and researchers to create custom machine learning models without requiring extensive programming knowledge. Wekinator is commonly used in the fields of creative coding, music composition, interactive installations, and more. At its core, Wekinator enables users to train machine learning models that can recognize patterns and correlations in data, and then use these models to map input data to desired output responses. This process is often referred…

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